About Us

Kavaklıdere Winery fas founded by Cenap And in 1929 in Ankara, the one of the oldest and largest wine produce in Turkey.

Our company owns 5371 hectares of vineyards in the most important wine-producing area of Anatolia. our professional staff of vintners strives to maintain the perfect grapes-soil-climate equation and increase the potential of the vines that produce the grapes that have been successful in the production of Anatolian wines for hundreds of years and to introduce wines from international grape varieties grown in Anatolia’s varied micro-climates to achieve their best potential when they are transformed into wine.

As our company celebrates its 80th year, our products are being produced in modern facilities surronded by vineyards in Ankara-Akyurt, Cappadocia-Gülşehir and Manisa-Kemaliye. Kavaklıdere Winery has a storing capacity of 18.5 million liters and exports almost 20% of its production, which consists of 43 different wines, and grape juice, to European, American and Japanese markets.

Since its establishment, Kavaklıdere Winery has stood by its principle of “Anatolian wine from Anatolian grapes” and has improved and introduced indigenous Anatolian wine grapes to the world. Participation in many domestic and foreign competitions has earned Kavaklıdere Winery nearly 500 medals.

Every year the target of “standard and consistent good quality” has been realized due to the implementation of new technology, increased production and the benefits of technical and theoretical support for the cultivation of grapes, the raw material for wine.

In 2005, in partnership with the French firm, Duvigneau S.A, Kav Vin Inc.. was established for the expressed purpose of improving Turkish vineyards and winemaking and producing higher quality, healthier, certified grapevines.

A leader not only in the field of wine production, our company also organizes and promotes our country’s cultural events with projects that include “Kavekol”, a certified wine training program for people employed in the Horeca sector and wine connoisseurs in general, “Karaf Magazin”(Carafe Magazine)”, a wine culture magazine, “Şarap ve

Şarapçılık Dosyası“(Wine and Winemakers Folder) , another wine culture publication, vintage tours for wine lovers, winemakers and interested individuals to fascinating grape vineyards and different professional kitchens where food and wine events are hosted. As well, the Kav Club, located at our Akyurt Production Facility, houses a restaurant that specializes in world cuisine, a wine education classroom and an area for sporting events, designed to provide enjoyment for Kavaklıdere associates.

ur founder Cenap And also established the Sevda Cenap And Music Foundation To contribute initiation, familiarization and development polyphonic music in Turkey, . The “Ankara International Music Festival”, one of the main cultural events of Turkey, is just one of the activities to which this foundation, an honorable member, gives its support.

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