Alicante Bouchet is grown widely in the south of France and in Spain. It came to Turkey by outbreak of the disease phlloxera. These grapes are grown in the clay, sand and gravel soils near Izmir where the climate is mild Aegean. The pulp of the Alicante Bouchet is as red as its skin. It has been nicknamed as dyer for that reason. Alicante grapes are grown in Kavaklıdere’s Ege-Pendore Vineyards.

Wine produced from Alicante Bouchet is deep in colour; has pronounced aromas red fruits and spices, medium acidity and mature tannins on the palate.

The Alicante Bouchet variety is used in the blends Vin-art Carignan-Alicante, Yakut and Angora Red blend wines. Kavaklıdere also produces and markets Kavaklıdere Red Grape Juice produced from Alicante Bouchet.